Alisa Appleton
Alisa Appleton
Gender Female
Age 15
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Classification Appleton heir
Affiliation Kokusen Academy
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Aoi Ogata (husband)
Manga Debut Volume 11

Alisa is the fifteen year old grandaughter of Theo Epulton, the Takishima group's biggest stockholder.


Alisa likes to eat without limit. She is a total food critic. She also says that her favorite country so far is Mexico because of their delicious tacos. She has a big passion for food and never gives up on what she wants. She is a loving and caring girl who does what she believes in. She also wants true love. All she really wants is to hear a guy say "I love you" to her and mean it.


When Kei is trying to move the main branch of the Takishima group to Japan, one of the conditions to do so was to convince Alisa to study in Japan. To accomplish this, Kei intended to use Alisa's love of food by introducing her to Japanese food; while Alisa had been set on Mexico because she wanted to eat Mexican tacos, she realized how hard Kei had been trying and decided to study in Japan after all. Soon afterward, Kei's grandfather arranges for Kei and Alisa to be engaged, though the arrangement is called off when Aoi takes over as the new CEO of the company. Alisa, curious to see what the girl Kei loves is like, meets with Hikari in Japan and began to give her lessons on to be a good girlfriend. She eventually gives up when she finds that Hikari is unable to directly say that she loves Kei. What Alisa wants most is to know what it feels like for a man to say he loves her. She later develops feelings for Ryuu, but decides to give up on him since he has a crush on Finn. After that, Alisa and Aoi develop feelings for each other because Aoi taught her a valuable lesson. She also attends Kokusen Academy in the end of the series. In SA Jougai Rantou, Alisa and Aoi are married.