Finn and Ryuu

In the picture to the left, Finn is giving Ryuu a kiss on the cheek in one of her favorite places to visit back in her country. The flower Finn is holding was from Ryuu; The SA were celebrating a holiday in Finn's country. In Finn's country it is a tradition in which the boys give flowers to the girls, and in return, the girls kiss the boys back.

Finn's favorite place in her country is like a valley of flowers. On each side of the valley are big, long, rock cliffs, with a waterfall (as seen in the picture) leading down to a river.

Finn's PalaceEdit



The PeopleEdit

In the picture to the right, Finn is dressed up as one of the maids in Finn's palace. When Hikari sees Finn, she is immediately shocked, for Hikari says that she looks more feminine, and she's really pretty as a girl. Finn also states that the only thing the guards in her palace cannot resist are women.


Finn's Palace

The PalaceEdit

In the picture to he left is Finn's palace. Her palace has two sets of stairs leading to the entrance, lots of palm trees on the outside, and a few balconies giving a perfect view of the ocean that surrounds the palace itself. Her palace also has many windows, therefore giving air into the inside because the palace is located in a tropical area, making it humid and hot. Finn has also mentioned having elephants you can ride on that she owns.