S.A greenhouse

The SA's greenhouse

The greenhouse is one of the places on the Hakusenkan campus. It is a seprate building from all the others and is reserved only for the SA.

Inside the GreenhouseEdit

The glass structure is filled with various plants and has ceiling fans. The greenhouse is very special to the S.A, and it's also were they had most of their cherishable moments, for they're all able to stay there and have fun together. Inside of the greenhouse, there are some sofas and chairs set around an ornate wooden table, there, the S.A have their "tea time" in which Akira always prepares. The greenhouse also has a kitchen, made especially for Akira to cook in.
Tea time

The SA having tea time in the greenhouse.

Tea TimeEdit

In the picture to the right, the SA is having tea time together, but if you look even closer in the background, you can see Akira about to through a hard object at Tadashi, but while she is about to, Tadashi is licking a plate clean, which he usually does because he loves eating Akira's cooking. Although, Akira somehow finds it insulting and usually beats up Tadashi in a "friend to friend" kind of way.