Hajime Kakei
Student council president
Gender Male
Age 16
Eyes Blackish Blue
Hair Blue
Professional Status
Classification Hakusenkan Student Council President
Affiliation Hakusenkan Academy
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Debut Episode 2

Hajime Kakei is the Student Council President of Hakusenkan Academy and he holds the first place in the class 2-A. He is frequently hospitalized for feeling weak and relies on using money to get what he wants. He hates the S.A. and says he will exterminate them at no cost.


Hajime begins to send various challenges to the S.A when nobody appears to his talk show. Since nobody of the S.A members wanted to attend his show, nobody else in the student body wanted to either. He develops a crush on Hikari because of her open and kind nature. However, he is always scared off by Kei before he gets any chance to express his feelings. He is not very popular among his classmates, most of them do not share his animosity towards and is always ignored by the S.A.