Hakusenkan Private Academy is the main setting of the story. It is composed of two classes, the normal classes, and the S.A. It is currently directed by Tadashi's mother. Hakusenkan also has a special place for the S.A. class, a big greenhouse, which is a completely different building on the campus.


While the S.A. have their own designed uniforms, the normal classes have a typical Japanese uniform. Brown

Hakusenkan normal classes' uniform.

jacket, white polo, tie and skirt or pants.


The classes are grouped from A-F by grade ranks. With the smartest in each level in the A Class and the lowest in the F Class. The students who are just under the level of The Special A are members of the student council, but are much less popular than the S.A.


Some students aside from the S.A. that go to Hakusenkan play important roles in the manga: