Iori Tokiwa
Gender Male
Age 16
Eyes Redish Brown
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Hakusenkan Academy
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 76

As of the beginning of Hikari's 2nd year of high school, she is tied 2nd place with Iori Tokiwa, the second son of the head of the Tokiwa Hospital. He has a sickly younger sister who has been receiving medical treatment outside the prefecture and has only recently returned to Tokyo. He is also a very talented stylist.


Iori and Kei


Upon Iori's introduction, Iori's score on the most recent examination results in the rankings of everyone below Hikari to drop by one place. He also wants to get first place, so Hikari sees him as both a rival and a friend. He dreams of becoming a beautician, so he works part-time in order to earn money, even if it is against school rules to do so, and lives in a one room apartment by himself. He develops feelings for Hikari and intends to compete with Kei for Hikari (who is largely unaware of Iori's romantic feelings toward her. Of course! This is Hikari we're talking about!). After Hikari agrees to grant him a wish if he obtains first place, Iori ties 1st with Kei on the midterm exams and tells Hikari to break up with Kei, though he later brushes it off as a joke. He eventually realizes that Hikari loves Kei, and for his wish, he asks Hikari for them to always remain good friends, which she agrees to. His first appearence is in chapter 76. He is mentioned to be "A stylist in the making".


Hikari HanazonoEdit

When Iori first met Hikari, Iori was very fond of Hikari's persistent personality. Their relationship then grew stronger because of their similarities, which causes Kei to become very jealous. Later on in the story, Iori decides to ask Hikari if she would like to model for him, since he wants to become a professional stylist, and so, Hikari says yes. When Kei figures out that Hikari is Iori's model, he then becomes determined to get rid of Iori so he can have Hikari. This makes both Iori and Kei rivals. Although, for Hikari, she is still concerned for the two of them because of their jealous rivalry over her, and the number one spot. Later on in the series, Kei finally decides to let Hikari model for Iori, but on the condition of letting him see them perform in the final round. At the end of the round, Hikari promises Iori that they will be friends no matter what since they won, and at that very moment, Iori knew that although Hikari doesn't love him in a romantic way, he knows she will always care about him.

Kei Takishima Edit

At the end of Chapter 76 his had a evil grin on his face and his plan was to obliterate Iori. Kei grown more jealous because of Hikari and Iori's friendly bond. Because of his jealousy he becomes more determined to beat Iori for Hikari.