Izumi Takishima
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Classification Takishima Family
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Midori Takishima (daughter)
Manga Debut Chapter 94 (flashback only)

Izumi Takishima is the deceased mother of Midori Takishima, and the grandmother of Kei Takishima and Sui Takishima


Izumi died when Midori was only a teenager. She died because of a serious and deadly sickness. Her final request was to have her "happy flowers" at her grave, so when her husband, Kaname Takishima, came to see, he would know he was forgiven for what he did. Midori blames her father for the death of Izumi because he left her while she was in the hospital, which is why their relationship is so strained. Towards the end of volume 16, Kaname, Hikari, Midori and Kei all go to see Izumi's grave in Australia. There, Kaname admits he is sorry for what he did to Izumi and reconciles with Midori.