S.A kitchen

Inside the kitchen

The kitchen is a place inside of the greenhouse. It was made especially for Akira to cook in. The kitchen is also very classy, for it has all the cooking utensils needed to cook. This place is sometimes called "Akira's Kitchen".                                                                              

Hikari, Megumi, and others also have used to kitchen as well but they rarely use the kitchen as much as Akira has since Akira is the one who prepares everyone's food and tea.                                                                              


In one of the episodes, Hikari must make Kei a bento, for she lost a bet to him again. So, she gets Akira's permission
Hikari pot
to use the kitchen to make the bento. Unfortunatly, Hikari is not allowed to use her kitchen at home because all she does is destroy everything, which causes her father to work very hard on fixing it all. Hikari is also a very bad cook, which comes to everyone's surprise because she's usually good at everything. 

In the picture to the right, Hikari is getting Akira's help to make the bento. While she was washing the rice though, she washes it too hard and accidentally ended up making a big hole right through the bottom of the pot.