Yahiro and Sakura in the halls of Kokusen.

Kokusen Academy is the high school that Yahiro Saiga and Sakura Ushikubo go to. It is said to be almost as prestigous as Hakusenkan Academy. The school is also fancy its self, for Kokusen has a gourmet food court and a spa. Kokusen also is a very high-tech school, for the students must wear badges to get through their main gates, or they will get lazered (only seen in the manga). Kokusen also hosts lots of festivals just like the S.A Students of S.A


These are students that play an important role and attend Kokusen:


Sakura in Kokusen's uniform.


Kokusen Academy students are usually seen wearing white polos and a vest, the boys wear blue vests and the girls wear green, as seen on Sakura in the picture to the right. The boys wear pants and the girls wear plaid skirts. The girls also wear green bow ties while the boys just wear plain blue ties.