Midori Takishima
Gender Female
Age 37
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brownish Blonde
Professional Status
Classification Takishima Group
Occupation Overseas worker
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 57

Midori, age 37, is Kei and Sui's mother who works overseas in Australia. Both of her sons inherited their looks from her, so they bear a strong resemblance to her. She is obsessed with shopping and longs for the day when Kei will ask her to buy something for him.


In Chapter 57, she spends time with Hikari and Kei and goes shopping, but becomes discouraged that Kei still will not ask for anything in particular until Hikari tells her that he only asks for his "mommy". She and Kei's father met when they were in college; Satoru's attempts to be "cool" failed to impress her but when she saw his true self, she immediately decided she wanted to marry him. Her relationship with her father, President Takishima, is strained, even until Hikari and Kei helped them reconcile.