Rin Yamamoto
Gender Female
Age 40
Eyes Hazel
Hair Blonde and Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Pro-vocalist
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Megumi Yamamoto (daughter)

Jun Yamamoto (son)

Manga Debut Volume 15

Rin Yamamoto is a 40 year old pro-vocalist. She is the mother of Jun Yamamoto and Megumi Yamamoto. Like Kei's father, Satoru Takishima, she looks very young for her age.


Rin is a loving and caring mother who always supports her children in times of need. She is also very cheerful. She will do anything to help fix a problem that involves her children. She will be usually seen smiling a bubbly smile.


When Rin comes back to Japan for some of her concerts, she is pleased to see that Jun and Megumi are doing well, but is mad at the boy (Yahiro) who rejected Megumi. She tells Megumi that she wants to see this boy and teach him a lesson, but Megumi refuses and tells her a lie that they're actually dating to try and make things better. So, Rin is then pleased, for she bought the lie that Megumi told her.