Ryuu Tsuji
Ryuu T
Gender Male
Birthday May 4
Age 16
Blood Type A
Eyes Dark green/black
Hair Greenish Black
Height 186 cm
Professional Status
Classification Son of a CEO sports company.
Affiliation Hakusenkan Academy


Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Shinobu Tsuji (older sister)
Megumi Yamamoto (younger sister figure)
Jun Yamamoto (younger brother figure)
Finn Coupe Schuzette (girlfriend)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyu Kazuma Horie

Ryuu Tsuji is ranked 7th place in the S.A. Class. He is Yamamoto twins' brother figure and Finn's boyfriend.

About HimEdit

Ryuu Tsuji
Ryu holds the 7th position in school, although his test scores are a poor reflection of his intellectual prowess. He is in 7th place mainly because of the twins - Megumi tends to fall asleep and Jun becomes bored during tests, which results in Ryuu focusing his attention on them instead of his own exam. This is proven in an anime episode, when he answers 1000 questions in 10 minutes, and manages to achieve full marks. He has been close to Megumi and Jun since they were very young; it is evident that he cares for the twins very much and that the three of them see each other as of the CEO of a sports company and one of his family.


Megumi Yamamoto and Jun Yamamoto (Yamamoto Twins)

He is very close with the twins and often takes care of them in their parents absence. They are also the main
Ryuu Jun Megumi

Megumi,Ryuu,and Jun

reasons why he is ranked 7th because Megumi tries to fall asleep and Jun becomes bored during the test which results in Ryuu focusing part of his attention on the twins rather than of his own exam. Although he doesn't mind this at all. The twins often fight over Ryuu especially when animals get his attention. He is actually very protective of them and is often seen resting with them or cooking their meals.

Finn Coupe Schuzette

Ryuu and finn

Ryuu and Finn

Finn is his girlfriend.