Sakura Ushikubo
Gender Female
Birthday December 14
Age 16
Blood Type B
Eyes Green
Hair Pink
Height 154 cm
Professional Status
Classification Ushikubo Heir
Affiliation Kokusen Academy
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Jun Yamamoto (Boyfriend)
Manga Debut Volume 4
Seiyu Natsuko Kuwatani

Sakura Ushikubo is the heiress to the Ushikubo Medical Manufacturing Group, just like most of the characters. She is Kei's first omiai partner, but later becomes romantically involved with Jun. She is also good friends with Yahiro Saiga, they both go to the same school, Kokusen Academy.

Appearence and PersonalityEdit


Sakura Ushikubo

She has pink hair like Yahiro and green eyes, much like Sakura Haruno in Naruto. Her skin is quite fair. While she does not consider Kei her type, describing him as a "dark lord" rather than a "prince", she considers him a possible marriage partner because his abilities would be advantageous to her family's business. Sakura hates dishonest people with a passion, and her family's motto is centered around honesty and punishing/loathing dishonest people. Hikari's straight forward and honest nature allows the girls to become friends. Although, Sakura has a kind and cheerful personality and will do anything to help her friends.



Sakura and Jun

 Jun YamamotoEdit

Jun is Sakura's boyfriend in the anime and manga. When she first sees him she falls instantly in love with him because he matched her ideal type, a prince. At first Jun would always run away from her because of his two personalities (Inner Jun and Outer Jun), but soon he sees her as a carefree girl who loves both of his personalities. They later reconcile and become an official couple.