Satoru Takishima
Satoru takishima
Kanji 滝島 暁
Romanji Takishima Satoru
Gender Male
Age 36
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Takeshima Group of Companies
Occupation CEO
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Midori Takishima(wife)

Kei Takishima(son)

Sui Takishima(son)

Anime Debut Episode 4
Seiyu Megumi Ogata

Satoru is one of the supporting characters in the series. He is the the CEO of Takisima Group of Companies and father of Kei Takishima.


Satoru Takishima2

Satoru telling his son, Kei, to come back.

Satoru is Kei and Sui's dad, age 36, who always looks young and baby-faced. He is married to Midori Takishima. He is also very energetic and outgoing. Though he 
is the CEO of the Takishima company, he likes to escape from work and lets Kei handle his job, usually because people at business meetings tend to not take him seriously as a result of his young appearance. To Kei's chagrin, his father also frequently tends to drag his son off to meetings, occasionally in foreign places. In the manga, Satoru also has a caring and loving type towards his family, but those kind of scenes are rarely seen. Satoru also possesses superb fighting skills and trained in his youth to be as strong as a pro-wrestler; he particularly enjoys Hikari's company because it means they can fight, which Kei usually prevents from happening. He is a good friend of Hikari's father, whom he met through their mutual love of pro-wrestling. Before marrying Midori and into the Takishima family, his surname was Utagawa.


Kei Takishima

The 1st son of Satoru Takishima and he always depends or asks Kei to handle his job especially on business meetings of the Takishima Company. This situation usually occurs because of his young and baby-faced appearance that makes people at business meetings prefer Kei as he is more talented and experienced, plus he has an adult appearance while his father is the opposite. As he is seen at the anime and manga, Kei as his son, treats Satoru roughly and this makes people around them curious and can't accept the fact that he is Kei's father. Moreover, despite his busy work, he doesn't have a strong family bond with his family as he couldn't spend his time with them. But it appears at the manga that when Kei was a child, Satoru showed his pro-wrestling skills and Kei was completely amazed by it, resulting that in the past they had a close father-child relationship.