Gender Female
Age 8 (as seen in flashback)
Eyes Gray
Hair Grayish Black
Professional Status
Occupation Little girl
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Debut Episode 13 (only seen in flashbacks)

Sayo was Akira Toudou's first female friend. 


Akira first met Sayo when she got lost at her villa, she and Akira quickly became friends. Sayo was the first female friend she could have against Yahiro's control and protective nature. Akira and Sayo were seen to have a good friendship, as they are seen to have tea party and play together. However, Yahiro over heard Sayo talking to her other friends about how she found Akira boring to play with and she was only sticking with her because Akira was rich.  Being the protective friend he was, he made Sayo to directly dump Akira by thretening to kick her father out of his job if she kept on playing with Akira, hoping to protect Akira. Sayo told Akira what happened and yelled "I hate you!' and ran away. Unfortunately,this incident  cost Yahiro's friendship with her & Kei and also leaving a scar in Akira. There are often flashbacks of moments when Sayo yells at the younger Akira, telling her she hates her and distateful comments, Mostly after seeing a look a like Yui Oikawa. She appears as flashbacks in episode 13.

Yahiro never reveled or intensioned to let Akira know the true reason for his actions. While Akira believed that he was jealouse of Sako closeness to Akira and never forgive him for that.