Special A, or S.A for short, is an exclusive class in Hakusenkan Academy where only the top seven students, first year to third year, from the A class are members . The members of the S.A are highly respected in the school and are often elaborately greeted by other students, save for those who dislike them. The S.A also have numerous privileges that regular students do not have, causing some hatred towards them.


S.A uniform

Hikari in S.A uniform

Just like their classes and lessons are different, the S.A also have a different uniform. It consists of a long-sleeved, white polo shirt with a yellow tie under a white, school blazer with the logo of the S.A. Along with a dark blue, skirt with a white belt for the girls. While the boys have a light long-sleeved, light blue polo shirt with the same blazer and a grey tie, as well as long, dark blue pants with brown belt. Each of them have their own way of wearing their uniforms and are not reprimanded by it.

Only those who are part of the S.A are permitted to wear this uniform, the rest of the students must wear the normal uniform. Also because S.A students are the top 7 students, the normal students think that S.A students look down on them.



The S.A has it's own building, a 19th-century styled greenhouse which they call
S.A greenhouse
"The School's Paradise", where they often hang out and spend most of their time, as well as eat the snacks Akira makes for them. This is also where most of their arguments occur, be it among the members or with someone outside of the S.A. The greenhouse is also the home of a number of Ryuu's pets.


S.A kitchen

Inside the kitchen

Within the greenhouse, the S.A also have a kitchen, the result of Akira pushing Tadashi to ask his mother for it. Akira often makes her snacks and afternoon tea there as well as everybody's lunch. No other members seem to use the kitchen aside from Akira. The only other time it was not used by Akira was when Hikari lost a challenge to Kei, she was tasked to make him a bento. Unable to make it at home, she made it in the kitchen, with Akira's permission.

S.A. Library     Edit


Hikari studying in the library

One of the other buildings the S.A get to themselves is their own library. The regular students still get their own library, but the S.A get their own private one. The library is complete with computers, desks, and many books. Most of the S.A students go their to do study hall and find the information they need. Like the greenhouse, the library is separated from all the other buildings on the Hakusenkan campus.

S.A MembersEdit

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