Sumire Karino
Romanji Karino Sumire
Gender Female
Age 40
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Classification Hakusenkan Chairman
Affiliation Hakusenkan Academy
Occupation Chairman
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Tadashi Karino (son)
Anime Debut Episode 11

Sumire Karino (Tadashi's mother) is the director of Hakusenkan and is a very fierce and strict woman. She lets Tadashi do whatever he wants during school as long as he stays in the top 5. She also has a hobby of throwing darts to see what punishment S.A. gets, and is often shown throwing them at a dartboard in her office, with incredible accuracy.

She is also a past student of Hakusenkan, along with her husband, and they were also very popular during their school days.


At first she is seen as a strong, fierce and strict woman. She was also seen as a woman of her word sending Tadashi to Bungee Jump when he did not make it to the Top 5. However, she is seen to be a loving mother that supports her "wandering child". Despite submitting to the pressures of Aoi, she does so reluctantly and was very happy to get the Special A class re-admitted.